OTOXO Productions is an award winning documentary production company that makes films about human faces and unheard voices behind big social issues.
This is what drew me to them; the feeling that making documentaries has the ability to, if not change the world, change people's perceptions of things.

Collaborating with OTOXO on the production of the series "Anonymous Heroes" and "El peso de la manta" has been an invaluable experience.

The Pati Llimona civic centre is a public space open to the public, particularly those focused on photography and audio-visuals.
I am grateful for the help and the space that Pati Llimona has kindly provided me with during endless hours of editing. It is also a very interesting place to meet other audio-visual professionals.
Convent de Sant Agustí is a civic centre focused on music and arts, open to artistic professionals of any kind wanting to network and collaborate with other artists.

After a Bachelor of Architecture in Genoa (Italy), Carola Zerbone, explores the visual arts in their various disciplines: sculpture, painting and photography.

She's interested in the relationship between space and objects, between light and form, between any representation and the emotion that arises from it.

Passionate of the Eastern part of the world, with her job she searchs to build up a fusion between her cultural background and the powerful vision of the oriental art, getting to an ecstatic-aesthetic manifestation of the present.

She works as a freelance illustrator and photographer, and she is so good! It's a real plaisure to collaborate with her.

James Phillip Royle is a young very talented filmmaker. 

He has been studying and practicing filmmaking since the age of 17.

He studied at California State University Sacramento where he focused on film production. He created several short films and documentaries, and also co-wrote and edited an award-winning short film '3am in Kansas'. 

He worked on three independent film productions: 'Writer's Retreat', 'Rise of The Krays' and 'Fall of The Krays'. In 2015 he worked on Ridley Scott's 'The Martian'.

I had the chance to collaborate with him during the production of El peso de la manta, and we decided to keep on collaborating together for some deocumentary projects in Barcelona.