"It's inevitable somebody brakes a finger, brakes an ankle. It is really scary when you see a wall, four really strong women and they want to hit you."

"Murder She Rolled is my alter ego. I just become somedy different, I become somebody really full of energy, it lets me just feel like I'm invincible."

"The diversity of body sizes, of sexual orientations and gender identity... it's really incredible. Life without Roller Derby is too scary for me."

Roller derby looks like a powerful, aggressive sport for strong women; but is this true? Drea, a Canadian woman who through this sport has found a reason to smile and a place to feel fully accepted and free to express herself, talks about the unity and shared respect between its participants. Roller derby proves to be a sport that all women can do and where each identity is respected.

DREA - AKA Murder She Rolled is one of the four documentaries which compose the series In this series Anonymous Heroes. It was completed in July 2015 and was projected at the MauMau in Barcelona on July 31, 2015.

DREA - AKA Murder She Rolled has been selected and projected to the following festivals:

Arts and Humanities Festival (King's College- London) on October 20, 2015

Title Ruse Festival 2015 (part of Coventry Peace Festival) in Coventry - projected on November 11,  2015

Wiper Film Festival 2016 (NYC)

Nevada Women's Film Festival (Las Vegas), on March 4-6, 2016

Written, filmed, directed and edited by: 

Btihaj Ajana

Beth Anderson

Francesca Romana Degl'Innocenti 

John English 

Tom Garner

Roisín Gorman 

Leanne Hayman

James Moorby

Adam Reid Palmer 

Holly Sexton 

Roger Vinós

Samantha Wallace

Asya Zuyeva

Original title: DREA - AKA Murder She Rolled

Short Documentary

Produced by OTOXO Productions

Distribuited by OTOXO Productions

Release dates: July 31, 2015

Running tome: 4'30''

Country: Catalunya (España)

Language: English