"I never wanted to sell in the street, for me it's not dignified. But you need to live here for three years
in order to work, and during these three years you have to eat."


"We have created this Union to counter discrimination, racism and for people to know we are not what they say we are."

"Everything we're doing is in order to survive. We need to persist, resist and keep fighting."

On the streets of Barcelona, immigrants struggle to survive through illegal street selling.

Victims of relentless racism, persecuted by the police, and silent for many years, they have finally found a voice and created a union.

Their demands are simple: more understanding, more awareness, more dignity. Our documentary follows their struggle.

El peso de la manta has been realized in Barcelona during 6 months and was completed in May 2016. It was projected for the first time at Miscelanea in Barcelona on May 5, 2016.

Written, filmed, directed and edited by: 

George Brereton

Francesca Romana Degl'Innocenti

Aisha Doherty

John English

Julie France

Tom Garner

Clelia Goodchild

Leanne Hayman

David Innes

Rebecca Lamich

Prunelle Mathet Girardeau

Toulla Mavromati

Cynthia Parker

James Phillip Royle

Original title: El peso de la manta


Produced by OTOXO Productions

Distribuited by OTOXO Productions

Release dates: May 5, 2016

Running time: 40'

Country: Catalunya (España)

Language: Spanish

Subtitles: English

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