"You always meet a person who tries to dishearten you, always."

Humiliations affect all of us, but of course, it is important how you metabolise violence: do I allow it to affect me or not?"

"Yesterday I have been victim of a sexual harassment by a neighbor, in the elevator. Without touching me, he attacked me."

"I was at the Secondary School and a teacher told me that I wasn't worth a shit, I would not get anywhere. He used to treat my family as they weren't able to educate me and as I was not a good son."

"A couple of years ago, at the San Pau Hospital, I felt humiliated because I asked for a medical examination and they treated me as stupid and told me that I had nothing. But I had a lot of pain and in the end they examined me and they told me 'ahi... you have a cancer at a very advanced stage...'. "

"I had a boyfriend who used to humiliate me and little by little, without I was realizing it, I was getting depressed. My generation has the example of their mother who used to suffer without complaining and you think you have to suffer the same way..."

"I am a doctor specialized in anesthesia and traumatology and sometimes they "judge" my decisions about a certain type of case because of economic matters...."

"I never feel humiliated, I like to humiliate people! Because it's fun, it's cool. It's a provocation, of course, because people are very polite nowadays, and it's like forbidden or unpopular, and so being a bit rude does not seem so bad to me. "

This project is part of the exhibition 60dB/16kHz Bcn. Sents la violència? hosted at the Art Centre Arts Santa Mónica, in Barcelona, from Octobre 18th, 2016 to January 8th, 2017.
The project explains the humiliation as a form of cruel violence, unnoticed and unreported because diluted into our everyday lives, and it ends up being mixed into what we call “normalcy”.

Project by Francesca Romana Degl'Innocenti 


Interviews recorded on the streets of Barcelona
6 sets of interviews, duration 10 minutes each
Languages: Catalan, Spanish, English