"Three years I was illegal here and they never asked for papers. Police... if you have an instrument, they don't ask for papers. Very nice."

"It was 1986. Perestroika just came to Soviet Union. A lot of things in the air, so Miha proposed to me: let's make a rock band!"

"You play and suddenly you know that that's what you here for on this earth, for to make this moment happening." 

A band of street musicians - two Russians and a Catalan - explain how a street musician's life is in Barcelona when one of the instruments is an upright piano, and has to be taken everywhere with them. They also tell the story of how they met, how their lives were in Russia before arriving in Spain, and how they created a New Orleans-style band in Catalonia.

New Orleans Pussycats is one of the four documentaries which compose the series In this series Anonymous Heroes. It was completed in July 2015 and was projected at the MauMau in Barcelona on July 31, 2015.

New Orleans Pussycats has been selected and projected to the following festivals:

Arts and Humanities Festival (King's College- London) on October 20, 2015

International Sarajevo Winter Festival 2016

Written, filmed, directed and edited by: 

Btihaj Ajana

Beth Anderson

Francesca Romana Degl'Innocenti 

John English 

Tom Garner

Roisín Gorman 

Leanne Hayman

James Moorby

Adam Reid Palmer 

Holly Sexton 

Roger Vinós

Samantha Wallace

Asya Zuyeva

Original title: New Orleans Pussycats

Short Documentary

Produced by OTOXO Productions

Distribuited by OTOXO Productions

Release dates: July 31, 2015

Running tome: 5'37''

Country: Catalunya (España)

Language: English